Better Binding
Start binding your documents the easy, efficient way. The BindIt way.
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BindIt is the best way to manually bind documents.


Lightening fast

The BindIt Fuse binds your documents 5x faster than traditional binding methods like spiral and punch and bind. That's right...5x faster!

Super strong

Pull it, shake it, drop it. Whatever you do, the BindIt page bond is so strong you'll never come apart at the seams.

Document sizes

Large or small, BindIt binds them all — spine sizes up to 2 inches wide and documents as large at 11 inches tall.

Easy to use

No training needed. Simply plug the BindIt Fuse in and you're ready to go. The thermal heating plate warms up once you've inserted your document and stops when it's done.  

Add and remove pages

Forgot a page? Found a typo? Never fear. Simply reheat your document in the Fuse and you can add, replace, or remove as needed. Editing saves you time, waste, and money.

Low-cost covers

Budget savvy buyers can't get enough of BindIt's low-cost hard and soft covers. They are available in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes for rock-bottom prices. 

How it works

The easiest, cheapest way to perfectly bind your documents — in just three steps